Department of Mathematics

Sto-Upp 2017

  • Date: 18 May, 09:00
  • Location: Gustavianum
  • Lecturer: Filipe Mussini (UU), Filip Lindskog (SU), Alexander Aurell (KTH), KaYinLeung (SU), Katarina Fetisova (SU), Kevin Schnelli (KTH), Allan Gut (UU)
  • Contact person: Rolf Larsson
  • Konferens

The 19th Stockholm Uppsala Symposium in Mathematical Statistics


09.00 Refreshments
09.30 Opening
09.35 Filipe Mussini, UU: Asymptotic behaviour of Poisson cylinders: One application of
the extreme value theory
10.05 Filip Lindskog, SU: Valuation of insurance liabilities
10.35 Short break (”bensträckare”)
10.45 Alexander Aurell, KTH: Mean-field modeling of crowd dynamics
11.15 KaYinLeung, SU: Dangerous connections: dynamic networks and sexually
transmitted infections
11.45 Lunch
13.15 Katarina Fetisova, SU: Towards a flexible statistical modelling by latent factors for
evaluation of simulated climate forcing effects
13.45 Kevin Schnelli, KTH: Tracy-Widom fluctuations of the largest eigenvalus of random
14.15 Refreshments
14.45 Allan Gut, UU: Around the law of large numbers
15.15 Information and discussion about activities 2017-2018.
16.00 Take a tour around Gustavianum, visit the cathedral, …
17.30 Dinner at V-dala student union