Department of Mathematics

CoSy Lunch Seminar

  • Date: 19 September, 12:15–13:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Å11167
  • Lecturer: Petter Holme, Suzukakedai Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Organiser: CIM
  • Contact person: Joel Dahne
  • Phone: 0762020507
  • Seminarium

Spreading processes on temporal networks; Speaker: Petter Holme, Suzukakedai Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

19 September
Speaker: Petter Holme, Suzukakedai Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Title: Spreading processes on temporal networks
Place: Å11167
Time: 12:15 -- 13:00
The contact structure between people affects spreading processes. Network theory has become a powerful tool to understand that relationship. Sometimes, one has information not only about which nodes that interact, but also when the interaction happens. Just like the network topology, structures in time can be very important for the behavior of spreading processes. To leave out the temporal structure could be fatal both for prediction and mechanistic understanding. I will discuss the theory of temporal networks—integrating information about time and network topology. This theory, it turns out, becomes rather different from static network theory (partly because temporal networks are not transitive, in the algebraic sense). I will use disease spreading on temporal networks as my main example, but also discuss the state of the ­field in general, and its future challenges.