Post Doctoral Researchers

Juozas Vaicenavicius

Departments: Information Technology

Project: Conducts research on Machine Learning, including Deep Neural Networks, Bayesian Methods, and applications to Autonomous Driving.

Marcus Olofsson

Departments: Mathematics

Project: Research concerning partial- and stochastic differential equations related to mathematical optimisation and their applications in, e.g., finance and energy. 

Previous postdocs

Andreas  Grönlund

Departments: Mathematics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Information Technology

Project: Computational and Analytical Models of Gene Regulations in E. Coli

Peter Gennemark

Departments: Mathematics
Company: AstraZeneca

Project: Optimal Design in Population Kinetic Experiments by Set-Valued Methods

Hanna Härdin

Departments: Mathematics and Computational Medicin, Karolinska Institute

Project: Development of Computational Methods for Improving the Understanding of the Biochemical Interactions Underlying Atheroscierosis

Richard Mann

Departments: Mathematics and external collaborators

Project: Inferring Rules of Motion in Animal Groups

Jonas Thies

Departments: Mathematics, Information Technology, and Physical Geography, Stockholm University

Project: Development of Fully Implicit Techniques for Ocean and Atmosphere Models

Markus  Kowalewski

Departments: Information Technology and Chemistry

Project: Numerical Methods for Molecular Quantum Dynamics

Anna Oleynik

Departments: Mathematics and external collaborators

Project: Continuous models of large networks