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Master's studies in mathematics

Do you enjoy mathematics and want to take your skills to the next level? Are you curious about financial mathematics and want to invest in an exciting career in the financial sector? Enrol in our master's programme in mathematics. You'll receive a first-class education in most major areas of research in mathematics.

Study Mathematics in Uppsala, Sweden

Mathematics has long been the language used to formulate scientific laws and theories. Mathematics was initially closely associated with the physical reality and served as a tool to calculate things that were observable. But during the 1900s mathematics underwent a dramatic development and is now an independent science that is constantly advancing.

Master's programme in mathematics in Uppsala

What do Mathematicians Do?

Studying mathematics at Uppsala University opens up a variety of career paths. Most of our students who graduate from the mathematics specialisation pursue a career in research. Students in financial mathematics usually work within the financial sector, as analysts. Some of the financial mathematics graduates continue to graduate schools in mathematics or financial economy.

Since mathematics is useful in a broad range of areas, many math graduates work in other sectors, such as life science, medical research, energy, IT and insurance.

Podcast om utbildning och karriär

I avsnitt 34 av Studie- och karriärpodden som drivs av studievägledarna Sara Rosenquist och Isabel Svensson kan du lyssna på Alma Kirlic, informatör vid matematiska institutionen, som berättar om matematikutbildningarna vid Uppsala universitet. 

Möt lärare och forskare i matematik

Cecilia Holmgren (foto: privat)

Cecilia Holmgren har alltid drivits av en stark lust att lösa problem och bestämde sig redan som tonåring för att bli matematikforskare. Jordi-Lluís Figueras var uttråkad av skolans matematik och hade en lärare som sa att han aldrig skulle klara av att läsa matematik på universitetet. Tobias Ekholm ville bli fysiker men fastnade för matematiken när han läste sina första universitetskurser. Idag forskar de alla i matematik. Möt Jordi, Cecilia, Tobias och många fler i vår intervjuserie Matematikprofilen.

Cecilia breaks ground in probability theory

Cecilia Holmgren was the first to prove theorems that describe the split trees’ general properties. Read more about how she breaks ground in probability theory.

Study abroad

As a student at Uppsala University you have the opportunity to go on an exchange programme in a variety of countries. In addition, the Department of Mathematics has own exchange agreements with universities that are particularly good at mathematics. Our partner universities are in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and Ireland. The picture shows an activity from the introduction week at the University of Leiden.

Research in Mathematics

If you want to do research in mathematics, you can apply for our PhD-programme.

Research seminars

The department offers a variety of research seminars. All students at the master's programme in mathematics are welcome to participate.

Study environment

Mathematics students study at campus Polacksbacken. The campus is located twenty minutes walk from the castle and the botanical garden. The area was originally used by the military before it was taken over by the university in 1987.