Matematikseminariet är en seminarieserie för studenter i alla årskurser i matematik. Även andra matematikintresserade studenter är välkomna att delta. Alla föreläsningar är populärvetenskapliga.

På höstens seminarier fokuserar vi på inledande insikter i ämnet matematik. Vårens seminarier belyser pågående matematisk forskning. 

Elin Persson Westin 

Matematikseminariet - kommande seminarier

Våren 2019

Fiona Skerman

Fredag 22 Februari kl 9.15 sal Å4003

Community structure in networks - with an interlude on random graphs

Many data sets can be represented as networks - nodes with edges between them. The aim is to discover and quantify structure in these networks: in particular if a network can be decomposed into dense clusters or ‘communities’. In most large scale analysis of networks the communities are extracted by algorithms heuristically searching for a partition with high `modularity value' - a scoring system for partitions that I will explain.

To decide whether the community structure in ones network data is meaningful it makes sense to compare your real network data to a random graph. These `random graphs' are very nice probabilistic objects so here we have a brief intermission and discuss random graphs and what sort of statements one can prove about a graph drawn at random.

Kommande talare:
Ryszard Rubinsztein (April)
Marcus Westerberg (9/5 kl 15.15 i Å4005)