Lecture Notes

• items 34, 35, 36
Three Black Softcover Notebooks
Most likely, these are preparatory notes for the courses Beurling taught in
Uppsala in 1944-1945. In Swedish.
I. Hela funktioner (V.T. 1944).
II. Hela funktioner (H.T 1944).
III. Funktionalanalys (H.T. 1945).

item 44
Harmonic analys. Lecture notes from Beurling's lectures at Harvard (1948–49)
Notes taken by John Wermer. pp. 1–232.
One page written in Beurling's handwriting attached.

• items 63, 117, 124
Lectures on the Wiener-Hopf Equation
Item 124: The real axis. Handwritten, 4 pages.
On the last page Beurling wrote:
``Lecture notes taken by unknown from lectures at either Bell lab
or Harvard, 48-49''
Item 117: The semi-axis. Typed, 30 pages.
Item 63: Finite interval. Typed, 13 pages.
Notes taken by Henry Pollak at Bell Lab.

item 71
No title.
New York University lectures on convexity and Banach spaces with applica-
tions to variational problems and harmonic analysis.
February 1956, 39 pages.