Proposals of New Master Programmes and New Engineering Programmes

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1 Häggsalen
  • Contact person: Emma Kristensen
  • Internt

The Disciplinary Domain of Science and Technology is expanding with new educational programmes. Proposals of new educational programmes are currently being developed and all proposals will be presented during this event. This event gives you a chance to examine the proposals and provide input.

08:15-08:30  Introduction by Cecilia Johansson, dean of education
8:30-09:05  Master programme in Data Science – Matteo Magnani
09:05-09:20  Coffee break*
09:20-09:55  Master programme in Image Analysis and Machine Learning – Natasa Sladoje
09:55-10:00  Mini break*
10:00-10:35  Master programme in Biophysics - Nicusor Timneanu
10:35-10:40  Mini break*
10:40-11:15  Master programme in Materials Science - Biplab Sanyal
11:15-11:20  Mini break*
11:20-11:55  Master programme in Additive Manufacturing - Urban Wiklund
11:55-13:15  Break*
13:15-13:50  Master programme in Materials Engineering – Åsa Kassman
13:50-13:55  Mini break*
13:55-14:30  Master programme in Water Engineering – Roger Herbert
14:30-14:50  Coffee break*
14:50-15:25  Bachelor programme in Industrial Engineering and Development (Högskoleingenjörsprogram i industriell utveckling) – Gunnar Dahlin
15:25-15:30  Mini break*
15:30-16:05  Master programme in Industrial Engineering & Management (Civilingenjörsprogram i industriell ekonomi) – Marcus Lindahl
16:05-16:10  Mini break*
16:10-16:45  Master programme in Industrial Analytics – Matías Urenda & Kjell Orsborn
16:45-17:00  Discussions and summary by Cecilia Johansson, dean of education

*Opportunity to join or leave the event