Machine Learning theses

Members of the Machine Learning group (arena) at Uppsala University act as reviewers and, occasionally, as supervisors of thesis projects to Bachelor and Master level students.

The popularity of this area means that you are encouraged to contact potential reviewers and supervisors as early as possible. If the individual you contact is unable to take more thesis students, they should be able to point you to alternative staff members. ML is undertaken in many areas by many researchers outside those who identify it as a principle research or scholarly focus.

Faculty contacts

Matteo Magnani 

Matteo's main research interests include Database and Information Management systems, specifically uncertain information management and multidimensional database queries, Network Science and Social Computing.

Mike Ashcroft

Mike focus is statistical machine learning and he has founded a company that has applied these techniques in industry and finance in Europe and Asia. He also works with the European Data Science Academy.

Olle Gällmo

Olle is an original member of the Uppsala University neural network group (now disbanded) and programme director and student counsellor of the bachelor programme in computer science. His interest is in machine learning techniques derived from nature.

Thomas Schön

Thomas is the professor of automatic control at Uppsala University and his research interest is nonlinear inference, especially within the context of dynamical systems, solved using probabilistic models and algorithms.

sample Previous Master theses

Supervisor*/Organization Reviewer Thesis
SIDA Mike Ashcroft
Anomaly detection with Machine
Lisa Kaati / FOI Mike Ashcroft
Lisa Kaati / FOI Mike Ashcroft
Gavagai Mike Ashcroft
Gavagai Mike Ashcroft

*Supervisor if associated with UU