List of Potential Postdoctoral Research Projects at CIM

Currently, CIM advertises up to two postdoc positions (the link also contains information about how to apply for the positions) with deadline April 12, 2017. Below we list projects that tentative advisors have suggested and for which they would like to find a postdoc. Applicants may also suggest interdisciplinary projects of their own and find two advisors who are interested in the project. For further details, see the instructions for prospective advisors, or send an email to  Erik Ekström (Director of CIM). Note that it should be clearly stated in the application what project is applied for.

For technical reasons, we also advertise up to two researcher positions. These are slightly more flexible in the sense that the PhD degree is not needed by the application date (as it is for the postdoc positions), but rather at the starting date (which is August 1, 2017, or later if mutually agreed on). We expect most applicants to apply for either the postdoc positions or the researcher positions.

List of suggested postdoc projects

Mathematics of realistic string vacua (Contacts: Magdalena Larfors, Thomas Kragh, Jian Qiu)

Multiscale magnetization dynamics (Contacts: Gunilla Kreiss, Olle Eriksson)

Distributed algorithms for scalable nonparametric learning (Contacts: Raazesh Sainudiin)

Stochastic methods in evolutionary biology (Contacts: Ingemar Kaj, Carina Mugal)

Spatio-temporal modeling of vehicle surroundings (Contacts: Thomas Schön, Jacob Roll, Dave Zachariah)

Financial optimaization under uncertainty and information ambiguity (Contacts: Erik Ekström, Carl Lindberg)

Methods for adaptive optimal design using nonlinear mixed effect models (Contacts: Andrew Hooker, Erik Ekström)