Become a researcher in mathematics

If you want to do research in mathematics, a PhD is a first step in the right direction. As a PhD student in mathematics in Uppsala, you have the possibility to get in touch with the most distinguished and modern mathematical research in the world.

Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics

Mathematics is an abstract science which is focused on the construction and study of structures of various kinds, meaning that mathematics is more theoretical than other natural sciences. A typical thesis in mathematics consists of theorems and proofs and a graduate programme usually takes five years.

Research areas and contact persons

There are two research areas at the Department of Mathematics at Uppsala university. Each research area has a professor in charge with overall responsibility for postgraduate education:

Mathematics: Andreas Strömbergsson
Applied mathematics and statistics: Erik Ekström

The director of postgraduate studies is Stephan Wagner.

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Application and Admission

The Department of Mathematics usually announces vacant PhD positions on the web in February each year, with a deadline at the end of March. The eligibility requirements and the complete application procedure are always specified in the advertisement.

Occasionally we also announce vacant positions at other times. We therefore encourage interested students to look regularly at the department's website.

An important document that you need to attach is the Master's thesis. If you are still working on your Master's thesis at the time of application you can send the latest draft.

The programme

The programme comprises 240 credits, which is equivalent to two years of study and two years of research. Additionally, the programme normally includes also a year of teaching. 

Each admitted student is assigned a supervisor and an assistant supervisor. The curriculum consists of three parts: a general, a topic-oriented and an individual part. The individual curriculum is written by the student and the supervisor at the beginning of the programme, and the other two are regulated by the faculty of science and technology. More information about postgraduate studies at the faculty is available on the faculty's website.

All students admitted to the graduate program are employed as graduate students at the department and receive salary.

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After the programme

A PhD in Mathematics opens the way for a research career as well as a professional life outside academia. Since mathematics is useful in a broad range of areas, math graduates work in a variety of sectors, such as life science, medical research, finance, energy, IT and insurance.