Master’s programme

If you are student at the master’s programme in mathematics you can find relevant information on the master's programme page.

Exchange students are welcome to contact the study counsellors

Study abroad

As a student at Uppsala University you have the opportunity to go on an exchange programme in a variety of countries. In addition, the Department of Mathematics has own exchange agreements with universities that are particularly good at mathematics. Our partner universities are in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Scotland and Japan. The picture shows an activity from the introduction week at the University of Leiden.

Where do mathematicians work?

There are countless possibilities for mathematicians in the job market, especially in sectors involved in processing large amounts of information. Mathematicians are therefore sought after in many different organizations.

Visit our career site for math students.

Postgraduate Studies in Mathematics

If you want to do research in mathematics, then a postgraduate programme is a first step in the right direction. To enter our programme, you need a Master’s degree in mathematics, or a Master’s degree in engineering physics. On our website, we usually advertise vacant PhD positions which all eligible candidates are welcome to apply. The advert will be posted in February.

Postgraduate programme in mathematics

Equal opportunities

The university is obliged by Swedish law to work proactively to promote gender equality and equal terms. If you have questions about the department's work or if would like to discuss gender issues, please contact the department's equal opportunities group.

Last modified: 2021-04-30