mc² - Mathematical and Computational Consultancy at CIM

mc² is a free service offered to researchers at Uppsala University and SLU, and to local companies.

Our aim is to help with all parts of the process of mathematical modelling, from formulating a mathematical problem and model building to trouble-shooting and analysis of methods and models already in use. Our areas of expertise are mathematics, statistics, and scientific computing.

Photo: Mikael Wallerstedt

We can offer advice on:

Constructing mathematical models. We can help you formulate problems in mathematical language and build a mathematical model. We have experience in modelling systems in physics, chemistry, biology and even the social sciences.

Solving mathematical models: We can give support in what type of algorithms are suitable for implementation on a computer, we can analyse algorithms and models mathematically and numerically. We can also give advice on simulation, visualisation, and parallel computing.

Statistical data analysis: We have experience in analysis of scientific data, statistical and stochastic models, computer intensive statistical methods, data mining, and machine learning.

We do not offer complete solutions (unless the problems are very small). What we can do with larger problems is first of all to recommend an approach. We can also let you know if (parts of) the problem could be solved as a project in a course, or as an MSc thesis project. Particularly challenging problems could also lead to new interdisciplinary research projects.

If your problem is related to high performance computing (HPC) you are welcome to contact any of the application experts at UPPMAX. UPPMAX is Uppsala University's resource of high-performance computers and know-how of high-performance computing (HPC).

Contact information

Send an email to (the message will be read by Elisabeth Larsson) with the following information:

  • The problem - what is it that you hope we can help you with?
  • Problem background (brief) - for example, it helps to know what all variables in an equation mean and what their relative sizes are.
  • Contact person(s) - who should we contact if we need more information?
  • Security - let us know if the information is sensitive and should not be shared with the mailing list. In this case, we will device a procedure that is acceptable to all parties.

If possible, please write in English since we form a mixed language group.

Our consultants

The consultants are a team of graduate students from the Department of Information Technology, Uppsala University, and the Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University. The student team is aided by faculty members of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics, and is currently coordinated by Elisabeth Larsson.

Taking mc² as a course

Graduate students can take mc² as a course. For more information on this, see the course home page.


The idea for having this kind of service originated at Stanford University and was there coordinated by Margot Gerritsen.