Post doctoral researchers

Current postdocs
Name Departments Project
Marcus Olofsson Mathematics Research concerning partial- and stochastic differential equations related to mathematical optimisation and their applications in, e.g., finance and energy.

Previous postdocs
Name Departments Project

Juozas Vaicenavicius

Information Technology

Conducts research on Machine Learning, including Deep Neural Networks, Bayesian Methods, and applications to Autonomous Driving.

Anna Oleynik

Mathematics and external collaborators

Continuous models of large networks

Markus  Kowalewski

Information Technology and Chemistry Numerical Methods for Molecular Quantum Dynamics

Jonas Thies

Mathematics, Information Technology, and Physical Geography, Stockholm University Development of Fully Implicit Techniques for Ocean and Atmosphere Models

Richard Mann

Mathematics and external collaborators Inferring Rules of Motion in Animal Groups

Hanna Härdin

Mathematics and Computational Medicin, Karolinska Institute Development of Computational Methods for Improving the Understanding of the Biochemical Interactions Underlying Atheroscierosis

Peter Gennemark

Departments: Mathematics
Company: AstraZeneca
Optimal Design in Population Kinetic Experiments by Set-Valued Methods

Andreas  Grönlund

Mathematics, Cell and Molecular Biology, Information Technology Computational and Analytical Models of Gene Regulations in E. Coli