Potential postdoctoral research projects at CIM

Mathematics of realistic string vacua (Contacts: Magdalena Larfors, Thomas Kragh, Jian Qiu)

Multiscale magnetization dynamics (Contacts: Gunilla Kreiss, Olle Eriksson)

Distributed algorithms for scalable nonparametric learning (Contacts: Raazesh Sainudiin)

Stochastic methods in evolutionary biology (Contacts: Ingemar Kaj, Carina Mugal)

Spatio-temporal modeling of vehicle surroundings (Contacts: Thomas Schön, Jacob Roll, Dave Zachariah)

Financial optimaization under uncertainty and information ambiguity (Contacts: Erik Ekström, Carl Lindberg)

Methods for adaptive optimal design using nonlinear mixed effect models (Contacts: Andrew Hooker, Erik Ekström)