Arne Beurling-arkivet

2 february 1905–20 november 1986)

Denna sida är ett komplement till Arne Beurling-arkivet på Uppsala universitetsbibliotek, som donerades av hans familj. De matematiska manuskripten finns i tio lådor med flera stora föremål. Ytterligare sex lådor innehåller korrespondens och relaterat material.

The website is intended to serve as a resource for members of the mathematical community interested in Beurling's work. Beurling published only part of his results. He was known for keeping quite a few of his discoveries private. Some of his unpublished results were included in his Collected Works but some were not.

The website's primary aim is to make easily available a number of Beurling's working papers and lectures available as a kind of on-line supplement to his two-volume Collected Papers (published in 1989).

Like most websites, this one is a work-in-progress. At least initially, emphasis will be placed on getting the material out there without any lengthy accompanying commentary. Please check back from time-to-time for new downloads and other updates.

Michael Benedicks and Mikhail Sodin (coordinators)