Stephan Wagner

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  • Limits of subcritical random graphs and random graphs with excluded minors; with A. Georgakopoulos. Preprint: [pdf]
  • A Tutte-like polynomial for rooted trees and specific posets; with V. Razanajatovo Misanantenaina. Preprint: [pdf]
  • Further results on the inducibility of d-ary trees; with A. A. V. Dossou-Olory. Preprint: [pdf]
  • On the probability that a random subtree is spanning. Preprint: [pdf]
  • Trees with minimum number of infima closed sets; with E. O. D. Andriantiana. Preprint: [pdf]
  • The birth of the strong components; with É. de Panafieu, S. Dovgal, D. Ralaivaosaona and V. Rasendrahasina. Preprint: [pdf]
  • On the maximum mean subtree order of trees; with S. Cambie and H. Wang. Preprint: [pdf]

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