Degree projects

In order to graduate, you need the following courses:

  • Degree project E, 30 credits
  • Advanced courses in mathematics/financial mathematics, 30 cr
  • Courses at advanced level, 30 cr
  • Courses at advanced or basic level, 30 cr

There’s also the option to graduate after one year. For complete requirements, see programme syllabus.

Degree project

It's a good idea to start thinking about your topic long before you plan to do you degree project. The department arranges a degree project afternoon in May, where some of our researchers will present possible projects. Details will be e-mailed to all master’s students.

If you know of a researcher whose research you find interesting, it’s recommended to contact him/her directly and propose a topic.

If you’d like to do your degree project at a company, contact your study counsellor or the programme coordinator. There are also some tips on the career page.

If you need help finding a project, contact the programme coordinator

Register for the degree project

You don’t have to apply for the degree project on or When it’s time to register, contact your study counsellor.

Apply for a degree

When you’ve finished your courses, you will not receive your degree automatically. Instead, you’ll have to apply for it at the university’s graduation office.

Closing ceremony

All master’s students who have graduated or are about to graduate are invited to a closing ceremony in June. 

Previous degree projects

There’s a list of previous degree projects in mathematics. Note that not all of the projects on the lists are at master’s level.