Information for new master students

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. Here is some useful information regarding your studies.


In late August we will have a welcome meeting for all new master students at our department. At the meeting you will have a chance to meet your teachers, programme coordinator, study counsellors and fellow students. The programme coordinator will give you a presentation of your programme and leave room for questions.


If you applied for the programme before you received your bachelor degree, you are required to bring your diploma to the welcome meeting in order to register for the programme. If you are not able to attend the meeting, please contact us for further information.


The academic year in Sweden is divided into two semesters, autumn and spring, which are divided into two periods each. The autumn semester starts in the end of August and the spring semester in the end of January.

Autumn semester (HT) 2019
Period 1: 2019-09-02–2019-11-03
Period 2: 2019-11-04–2020-01-19

Spring semester (VT) 2020
Period 3: 2020-01-20–2020-03-22
Period 4: 2020-03-23–2020-06-07

Days free of schedule:
To be announced


The duration of the master programme is either one or two years. It is your choice if you want to finish after one or two years.

One year is equivalent to 60 credits, which means that the full work load of one semester is 30 credits. Every semester is divided into smaller courses (usually 5 or 10 credits) and normally there is a written exam by the end of each course. This means that you will have 3–6 exams each term. See more information on exams.

All the courses included in the programme are listed in the programme syllabus. However, you are not required to take all the courses from the list. The programme allows interested students to take a certain amount of other math courses not listed in the syllabus or courses from other areas as well. 


In order to attend the courses you have to register for each course. Your study counsellor will register you for your courses after your first meeting. More information will be provided to you at the welcome meeting in August. You don’t have to do anything before your arrival in order to register. The only thing you need to remember is to bring your diploma if you are conditionally admitted.


The Department of Mathematics is seated in Ångström laboratory and the campus is called Polacksbacken.

Students of financial mathematics will study the first courses at the department of economics


There is a union for students of mathematics, technology and science – Uppsala union of engineering and science students (Uppsala teknolog- och naturvetarkår (UTN), in Swedish). The union can help you with questions regarding student life in Uppsala and your student rights.

The union will provide you with information regarding orientation programmes with social acitivities for new students. It is highly recommended to attend the activities since they’re a good way to be introduced to your new study enviroment and meet new friends.


At the first meeting with the programme coordinator and the study counsellors, you will be assigned a contact person at the department. You can ask your contact person anything regarding your studies. The contact persons are study counsellors and can be reached at masters(at)

You will also be offered an individual meeting with your counsellor. If you can’t attend the welcome meeting and have contacted the counsellors according to the information above, your counsellor will send you a meeting time proposal by e-mail.


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